Value we provide

Spect’s enterprise platform is built to meet the needs of your entire population, whether that’s screening for diabetic retinopathy and/or other types of eye diseases.

How does the Spect platform help?

Spect’s enterprise platform is uniquely positioned to be attractive to all medical and operational staff. Whether you are annually screening patients with diabetes for diabetic retinopathy and/or other eye diseases, the Spect enterprise solution results in improved financial outcomes.

Profitability with each screening

Cash pay models or existing CPT codes can be billed for payment through all major insurance providers (medicare, medicaid, and commercial plans).

Improves quality scores

Spect turn key solution meets quality metrics like HEDIS/MIPS while reducing operational burden for your healthcare staff.

Value based care reporting

Spect’s platform can screen for a variety of eye diseases, some of which can be used for for risk adjustment or value based care reporting.

Reduces referrals

Performing these screenings for patients earlier in care delivery allows specialists to take care of patient's that need treatment.

Key differentiators compared to other solutions

Spect’s turnkey solution equips you with all the necessary tools and resources to easily screen your patients.

Other solutions

Clunky and hard to use

Requires trained staff

Graded reports aren’t received on time

Retinal images have low gradability

High upfront investment and per use fees

Our solution

Portable and easy to use

Virtual training in under 15 minutes

Graded reports returned within 24 hours

>95% gradability on the first attempt

All inclusive cost structure

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