About Spect

Spect is a data science company and a leading provider of end-to-end eye disease screening solutions.

Spect's mission

Spect is the leading provider of Eyecare, Anywhere. Our mission is to prevent blindness with the early detection of eye disease and to build a platform for healthcare data analytics.
Since the eye is The Check Engine Light of the Body™, it serves as a key predictor of eye disease, as well as whole-body diseases, such as stroke, Parkinson’s and more. Today, our human-in-the-loop assisted telemedicine platform empowers medical assistants to easily capture retinal images and receive a diagnostic report. In the near future, we’ll leverage AI to capture and grade images. We fill a critical healthcare gap for patients and clinics while delivering best-in-class service and financial outcomes.

Meet the team

Our team is uniquely positioned to enable eye-care access for everyone. We have diverse experience coming from some of the world’s most impactful organizations.

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