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Our mission is to prevent blindness with the early detection of eye disease, and fill a critical healthcare gap while delivering best-in-class service.

Vision loss shouldn’t be ignored.

The CDC reports that vision loss still affects over 90 Million adults in the United States. This problem is exacerbated by the shortage of eye specialists with 1 eye specialist for every 17,000 Americans.

Diabetes has also reached an epidemic stage with:

1 in 3 American Adults

have diabetes or prediabetes of those with prediabetes, more than 80% don't know they have it.

90% of blindness

caused by diabetes is preventable if detected and treated early. Less than 40% of patients with diabetes are getting their annual dilated eye exam which the AAO recommends.

How does the Spect platform prevent vision loss?

Spect’s enterprise solution is the only vertically integrated platform that solves all the pain points with conventional retinal exams. Diabetic Retinopathy screenings or other retinal eye exams can now be conducted anywhere using your existing medical staff, instead of needing to refer the patient to another specialist.

Perform retinal exams in the comfort of your clinic or patient’s home.

The Spect retinal camera is easy to use, portable, and seamlessly fits into your clinical workflow. Existing medical staff can learn to use the Spect solution in under 15 minutes with 95% success.

Easy retinal exams in under 3 minutes

To conduct an exam, it's as simple as positioning the Spect retinal camera in front of the patient’s eye.
The images are captured via our human-in-the-loop assisted telemedicine platform and uploaded to the cloud, ensuring quick dilated exams and gradability above 95%.

Quick report turnaround in under 24 hours

Today, one of our board certified ophthalmologists will grade the captured images and inform you on next steps via a diagnostic report sent to your EMR. In the near future, we’ll leverage AI to capture and grade images.
Our doctors can screen for a variety of eye diseases including: diabetic retinopathy, stages of dry macular degeneration, end stage wet macular degeneration, and many others.

Our clinical ecosystem is built with data privacy and security in mind:

FDA Registration (Class 2 Exempt)

SOC 2 Type 1 Certification

HIPAA Compliance

EMR + EHR Integration

Our complete solution includes:

Frictionless clinical workflow
Graded reports returned within 24 hours
Exams in under 3 minutes
95% of the images are gradable on the first attempt
Does not require trained staff
Virtual training in under 15 minutes
Complimentary device maintenance
Reporting suite and summary
And so much more!

Who Spect helps

The Spect enterprise solution is proudly deployed nationwide in the US.
Who we work with:
Direct Primary Care - DPC
Direct Primary Care
Independent Physician Associations - IPA
Independent Physician Associations
Primary Care Clinics - PCP
Primary Care Clinics
Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers - FQHC
Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers
Community Partnerships
Community Partnerships
Remote Labs
Remote Labs
At-home Health
At-Home Health
Senior Care
Employer Based

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