Welcome to Modern Eye Care.

Our Mission

Scaling Access to Eye Care by 1000x

We started Spect with the vision of preventing curable blindness with the aid of exponential technologies, and over time, scaling access to eye care by 1000x.
By identifying sight-threatening eye diseases, improving the patient journey, and tracking related health data, we are building a retinal insights platform which will dramatically improve overall health.

The Problem

We begin with the leading cause of preventable blindness: diabetes.

For the 34 million Americans suffering from diabetes...
80% will develop diabetic retinopathy...
98% of which are preventable if caught early.


The Telemedicine Retinal Exam

We invented a vertically integrated platform from the ground up that solves all the pain-points that are routine with conventional retinal exams.

Awards and Recognition

2019 Venture to Stop Diabetes
2018 Startup World Championship Winner
2018 MedTech Innovator Finalist
2018 Victorian QuickFire Challenge Winner

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