Our Mission

Vision Disease cause innumerable cases of preventable blindness globally - 415 million diabetic patients worldwide are susceptible to Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), Glaucoma, and more. Current screening protocols for vision disease require ophthalmologists to manually diagnose patients through visual assessment of the fundus. Given the large number of diabetes patients in various communities, this process is expensive, inefficient, and an undue burden on eye clinics. 

Our goal is to leverage cutting edge technology to catch Ophthalmic disease early and prevent expensive, late-stage treatment. We build software that screens for all vision complications - through a single retinal image.



Spect is always looking for new partnerships with Healthcare Institutions and Academic Research Groups to develop and deploy new, impactful diagnostic solutions. If you are interested in deploying Spect solutions or providing additional data for integration in our products, please contact us.